S02E08 Let's talk about Java frameworks

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We took some time to talk about the state of Java / JVM and Java frameworks in 2023.

We spoke with Gavin King (Senior Distinguished Engineer - IBM && Red Hat) - creator of the Hibernate ORM framework - about Quarkus. We listened to Roman Neglič (Senior Software Engineer, Object Computing, Inc. (OCI)) explain the multilingual nature of Micronaut and enjoyed the deep dive into Spring Boot with Etien Rožnik from Sportradar.

We also covered topics such as serverless computing, GraalVM, AoT, Spring / Spring Boot / Quarkus ecosystems, project loom-green threads, OSS, community and the general future of Java.

The discussion was recorded at the Make IT Conference 2023 in Portorož, Slovenia, in front of a live audience.

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  • Guests and host: Gavin King, Roman Neglič, Etien Rožnik and Oto Brglez
  • Media production: Jan Dolar, DOLAR Media
  • Artwork: Jernej Gračner

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