S02E05 Builder vs. breaker mindset with Dr. Pedram Hayati

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Please join us on the journey through the challenges and opportunities in the modern - insecure - world with one of the best security researchers && hackers out there - Dr Pedram Hayati / Pi3cH. Let's uncover the difference between "breaker" and "builder" and learn how to become a better hacker - or engineer.

Pedram founded SecTalks - a global "meetup" initiative that gathers 10.000 security professionals, researchers and hackers worldwide. SecTalks are famous for its CTFs (Capture The Flag) competitions and "no bullshit" policy regarding advanced topics.

Dr Hayati is also a founder of SecDim. SecDim has a unique platform to educate engineers and developers on defensive programming and security topics. With beautiful - real-world inspired - challenges and unique twits.

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